Eye infection in Americaunas

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    [​IMG] Help! My hens are in rapid decline, less than a week ago I noticed some swelling around their eyes, with a foamy discharge,so I went to my local feed store (no bird vet on the Big Island) and they suggested a spray for pinkeye. It's not working! I have them islolated, but they're not getting any better. Is it avian pox? Is it contageous? Do I have to cull the entire flock, some of the other 20 are exhibiting similar symptoms...HELP!
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    I'm sorry to here that. Are they showing any other symptoms. One of my chickens had runny eyes but he also was lethargic so I treated him for a respiratory infection (of which there are a few different kinds) You might want to do a search on eye worms to rule that out. Eye worms, I have read create a lot of pus in the eyes. Another thing to rule out is excess ammonia in the coop which can cause eye irritation.
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    Quote:Sounds like a respiratory disease. If there's a foul odor around the nostrils/head area, it's coryza. If there's no foul odor, possibly mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG.) Here's a couple of links for you to read. Scroll down in the first link to read about "infectious Coryza," then down to "MG." The second link is specifically about MG:
    MG can be treated with denagard. Here's a link:

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