eye infection or eye worm, just not sure


8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I've think I have read every forum submission on the eye infection and eye worm categories, but I don't know if my hen has either of these problems.

I noticed about a week ago, she was off to one side of the chicken run by herself, which is not uncommon for this hen. She is the smallest and the least outgoing of my hens. She had a yellow mass of stuff encrusted over her left eye. The other was totally fine and still is clear.

I took her away from the rest, totally cleaned her eye and removed all the gross yellow ooze/crud. Blaahhh!!!!

I started out treating her with Vetericyn Eye cleaner and Ophthalmic gel, twice a day. Each time, I would have to remove the yellow crap then apply the Vetericyn. I did this for about 4 days thinking this was just Pink Eye or an infection that got way out of hand. Since I wasn't seeing improvement, I started looking online.

Then I came on this site and discovered several eye disease, but the eye worm looked the closest due to the yellow mass in her eye and she does not smell. Now I'm treating with VetRX twice a day. I'm on day 2. How long should it take to clear up if this is eye worm?

Also, can I treat her with an eye antibiotic just incase this is an infection along with the VetRx?

Any advise would be great!

Thank you!
She seems to breathing fine. She still has some fight left in her, because she hates the VetRX treatment (she's not alone!).

I think I'll stick with the VetRX for at least few more days and keep reading.

Thank you!!!
I doubt you're dealing with eyeworm, your bird would be scratching her eye alot. Also, you can see eyeworm in the eye. Most likely it's the onset of some type of respiratory issue. That's why the opthalmic ointment, veterycin, vetrx arnt working.
She is not scratching. Thanks, dawg53! If it's not eye worm, I will be relieved! That just grosses me out! :)

I did notice some improvement this morning. Her eye did not have massive amount of gummy yellow stuff. She just had her eye closed. I treated her again with the VetRX. I read that VetRX helps with respiratory issues, so perhaps it's helping in that area, as well?

So if her eye infection is the symptom of some respiratory thing, should I treat her, and maybe the rest of the group, with a water-based antibiotic? What type would you recommend?

Thank you!
It's been more than a week and there has been great improvement in my hens eye situation. She has been on a water-soluble antibiotic and I've continued with the VetRX treatment twice a day.

She no longer has the massive amounts of yellow pus coming out of her eye. She only has one small whitish-yellow spot in the middle of her eye. I sprayed a VetRX solution (warm 1/2 VetRX and warm 1/2 water) in her eye to rinse it out, but it didn't budge.

I am still unsure of what caused this eye issue. It could have been an injury or an infection? She never displayed any clear-cut symptoms of one type of disease. Also, her eye was never swollen. It seemed that all the other posts for eye problems had a swollen eye? Very frustrating! :)

She is eating very well and acts like nothing is wrong.

Once she has the spot out of her eye and if she continues to not have any yellow discharge, is it okay to put her back with my other girls?

I'll try and post a few photos, too.

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That is great news! It could have just been a scratch that became infected - who knows. I'd make sure she's been symptom free for at least 3 to 5 days before putting her back with the others, and continue the treatment during this time to make sure it does not come back. Pus does sound like it was infected. Once you do put her back, expect a little adjustment on the pecking order, you may want to supervise for an hour or so. I'd love to see photos. Very happy you got her through this- congratulations

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