Eye infection or worm?

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    Mar 15, 2016
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    Today we took a good look at the eye issues one of our roosters has been having. We haven't found a vet nearby, but a local feed store looked at the picture and suggested it could be an eyeworm. The rooster was going about business as usual, trying to mate the hens, squawking when hawks went by, but constantly moving his head around to clear his vision and sometimes keeping the eye closed. I know some respiratory issues could also be at hand, but its very hard to tell at this point. I did notice a somewhat foul smell coming from him when i was looking in, but i've also never been that close to his face, so hard to judge it. He has been eating fine, no issues there. No foam in his eye. No runny nose. When holding his eye open, it doesn't look like anything moving (would it move?) It is definitely only attached to the 3rd eyelid at this point. A dry qtip could not free the bright lump. His eye is slightly swollen, but we guess its mostly from scratching. Sorry for the long post, but my wife is very upset as he is her favorite, and I don't want to misdiagnose it, or cause harm to the rest of the flock.

    We are currently following instructions for VetRX treatment for eyeworms.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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