Eye infection


9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
i have two birds with the same eye infection
They are about 8 weeks old now in the baby pen ,both are chickens
They both have one eye swollen and shut
I have tried bathing with warm water and started all of the birds they are with on Antibiotics
but the vet told me to stop bathing the eyes, now the eyes have dries up with are firm crust and they cannot open them
Where do i go from here
I am tempted to keep bathing and using a mild salt solution

I have had this infection with another baby a few months ago
is it common ?????????????
i have scrubbed out the pen/run they newly hatched go in


9 Years
Apr 5, 2010
Austin, TX
Is the antibiotic oral or something you put in the eye? You might need something that goes in the eye. I would want to clean the eye too but not too harshly because it can irritate. Warm compress can also soften the crusty stuff and make it easier to wipe off. You can take a syringe and squirt saline solution (you can make homemade with boiling water and adding a little salt then cooling) to soften the crust. Good luck.

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