Eye infection

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  1. Cmoulton

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    Mar 4, 2012

    Today we had purchased out very first chickens, I got 2, a black silky and a pheonix but I noticed when I got home my silky has an eye infection. I bought some terromycin and have appplied it twice today so far. I placed a photo below to show what it looks like and to get some pointers on what to do.
    The silky doesnt seem as playful as the pheonix and im scared it might not make it. The pheonix is very attached to the silky even when i just pick it up to clean its eye up the other it freaks out and jumps out of the cage and runs over to us. I dont know what would happen if the sliky doesnt live. Will the pheonix be ok if I got another one or do you think that its just attached to this particular one?

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