Eye Injury in White Leghorn

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  1. HannahB

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    Feb 1, 2014
    Along with my crookneck hen, I have a hen who has gotten her eye pecked out by one of the bigger hens (the Golden Sexlinks, those hens are MEAN!) It looks like it has been like that for a while. Everything is pink, and her eyelid still moves over where the eye used to be. For right now I am keeping her behind my house in a brooder so she can get food and water without being pecked at because she is small. I plan to keep her there until she is large enough to go back with the other hens.

    Is there any sort of ointment I should put on her eye?
    How can I keep my hens from murdering each other? (I have 30 in a large coop& pen)

    UPDATE: I am still dropper feeding my crookneck hen, and this morning she ate a bunch of chick starter feed! Then she fell asleep. I am going to cook her an egg later.

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