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Jul 25, 2013
One of my smaller chickens has been getting pecked at (not enough to be removed) but she did get a little cut around her eye that is now all red and puffy. What should I do?
If the eye is red and puffy you may need to put her in a crate in the coop so they don't hurt her more. Once they see red, they will keep pecking it. Keeping her cage in the coop or run with the gang may keep her place in the flock while she heals. If it won't get into the eye you could use BluKote which comes in spray or dab-on.
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Its much worse today...we just seperated her and fed her....she seemed to be starving. Poor thing. Will get antibiotics asap
Feed her some scrambled eggs and tuna to boost her protein. When she is feeling better you could also think about worming her (Valbazen or Safegard Liquid is good.) While she is put up check under her vent and all over for mites or lice. Hoping she gets better soon. Can you get antibiotics from your vet? Penicillin from the feedstore is available easily for shots, and usually you can get erythromycin for oral use there too.
At the moment we are REALLY broke...hoping she heals on her own. Can I put neosporin on it?
A warm wet wash cloth as a compress for 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day, while holding her, might help it to heal. Then reapply the neosporin.

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