Eye Irritation, Head Lice, and Possible Respiratory Disease?

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    So, my pet chicken fell ill recently. It was head lice. Fortunately we identified it and treated it. Unfortunately, she's still sick. We gave her a dust bath in pestecides, and now most the lice are gone! It's been a week since I treated her, and another week until retreat. We noticed another thing, however. Even once the lice were gone for the most part, she refused to open her eyes. (She refused to open them with the lice there as well) and once they were open they were very teary and eventually reclosed and crusted shut by the next day. Is this an eye infection to compound head lice? On top if that, she's lethargic. I assumed it was because she couldn't see and her quarantine cage isn't exactly the largest, but even if I placed her on my bed she would simply sit there. Whereas before she would wander around and explore and come for cuddles. She doesn't anymore. It's sad. And, while I'm talking about it, she's hoarse. Is this normal for a blind chicken? Like imagine a human being hoarse, it's kinda like that. It sounds like her cheep-box broke.
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    Can you post photos?
    What "pesticides" did you use to treat the lice?
    The discharge from the eyes, what color is it, is it liquid/runny, foamy, bubbly, thick yellow, etc.?
    Any discharge from the nose?
    How old is she?
    Any coughing, wheezing, sneezing?

    Try to flush the eyes with sterile water or saline, holding a warm damp compress on the eye you want to work on may also help. Gently start working to get the gunk out with a qtip. You can apply Vetericyn eye get or Terramycin eye ointment in the eyes X2 daily.

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