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    Hi, one of my 5 month old pullets has developed a lump just above her eye, in the fleshy area. It started a couple months ago and I thought at first maybe she was stung by a bee or something. It stayed the same size til just the other day, where it increased in size. It is squishy to the touch and that eye is now running a bit. Other than this she seems ok. Her other eye is normal looking.
    I'm adding a picture of her and would truely appreciate any and all help with what this could be.
    I use shavings on the coop floor and they have access to an outside run that is 10x17. They do love to do the daily "dirt bath" thing. Along with her other 11 sisters, I have a pair of guniea fowl in with them. No one else is showing any lumps or swellings.

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    * I would isolate her, wash the eye with sterile saline (drugstore, eye care) and look at it closely (magnifying glass is a big help) for dirt, a wound, a bite, etc.. If you don't see anything obvious, consider a trip to the vet and/or round of antibiotics . Keep her separated so she doesn't get picked at. The way a chicken's eye is, there's a pretty good possibility she got something lodged under the upper lid while dust bathing. Mine had a pretty big piece of tarry roof gravel in hers after tangling with a possom in the dirt.
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