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    I've got a 1 yr. old BLRW who has gone broody. She started sitting on eggs Friday and I figured I'd give it a day or two to see if she was a true broody (some of my girls seem to just enjoy sitting there for a whole day, and the next day they have no interest).

    When she was still there on them Sunday night, I thought about seperating her from everyone else, but figured I'd just do it on Monday. Last night when I put everyone to bed I decided I'd move her and realized that while she had been sitting on those eggs, everyone else must have been picking on her - her comb was bloody and pretty much nonexistent. I moved the whole box into the coop's "entry"way - nobody else can get to her, but they can all still see each other. I put her own food & water in the box, pulled her out for a bit to count & mark the eggs she had, put her back on and she seemed to be fine. [She's extremely tame and growls when the other hens get near her, but doesn't growl at me [​IMG]].

    I went out this morning to let everyone else and wanted to check on her head to see how it was doing. What I didn't see last night, because of the dark was that one of her eyes was completely shut & she could not open it. I cleaned her comb and eye off with warm water, which she tolerated for quite some time.

    Has anyone had an eye problem like this? It looks like her eye is just closed. After cleaning, there's no bleeding, seeping, leaking, or anything else coming from the eye and I can see her moving her eye underneath the closed lids.

    *** This hen, Gimp, is apptly named - as this spring she had a major fungal infection in one of her feet that caused her to lose the nails. The infection has since been treated, has not gotten worse & she is good spirits, but the foot is permanantly disfigured. I figure after spending over $100 on her foot, her going broody is her way of paying me back and hopefully giving me some chicks this summer....but now look at what's happened to her!! **These pictures are prior to treatment of the foot**


    At this point, my course of action is to keep washing with warm water for as long as she'll let me. I'm nervous that if I push it too much, she'll leave this batch of eggs [her health is far more important to me, but after what this poor girl has gone through this summer, I think hatching some chicks would really cheer her up!].
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    Poor baby! Sorry to hear about your poor hen getting picked on like that. One of my girls picks on some of the other girls when they are in the nesting box SHE wants to be in. She will pester them until they give up and either move to another box or just fly off until she is done. She pecked at one of the eyes of my BO and made it bloody. I cleaned it and she is fine now. With all the TLC you are giving your hen, I am sure she will be fine too.
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    I've had hens get their faces bloodied like that too when brooding. Just keep her in an area where the other hens can't get to her - maybe put a screen over her nesting area and manually let her out to eat and drink several times a day. Check her carefully to make sure she does not have lice or mites since they LOVE to eat on brooding hens. A bit of neosporin without pain reliever around her face should help. The eye should be fine and is probably just shut from the face swelling.
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    I have used polysporin eye ointment on a hen once. I gently cleaned her eye with a warm moistened paper towel and then applied the polysporin for a few days....she made a full recovery. Good luck!!
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    How timely, I have a Partridge Wyandotte cockerel who had the same thing yesterday. I cleaned it good and put some terramycin in it and will keep an eye on it (no pun intended). I had a White Giant hen that had this one day, I cleaned it up and a couple days later it was fine.
    However, I am concerned that I have a SLW bantam chick with this same problem. Mind you folk, I have over 250 chickens, so 3 of them is a low percentage. This particular chick had a tough time getting the shell off and was sticky for a while after hatching, could that have anything to do with having problems like this? Its eye is a bit crust too, but it is just one eye and no one else in the brooder is having any problems. I thought at first that something got in it since there looked like a piece of sawdust or something that came out the first cleaning.

    NEC I hope your girl clears up and is all better to be a momma. I just had my first hatch by broody (2 Silkie hens on the same clutch), there are only 2 chicks but it got them both off the nest. They are so cute with her clucking around them. [​IMG]
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    I agree w the neosporin or polysporin for comb and face injuries. The eye should have an antibiotic eye ointment terramycin for the eye.

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