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    Jul 20, 2014
    My silkie was with her two chicks and everything was fine until this morning when I went to feed them and the mum's eye was all swollen and looks like conjunctivitis. I took away the chicks and put them in the brooder. There is no diarrhea. I've cleaned her eye and put bacitracin on it. Is this something crazy serious? She has no other symptoms but the eye. Here's pictures of both her eyes:


    to clarify the skin around the eye is swollen and puffy and there is whitish gunk in her eye, I don't think the picture shows it well, but she wont sit still and I don't want to stress her more and make it worse.


    this is what her eyes normally look like (this is the other eye).

    I've looked through the diseases section, and she shows no other symptoms, maybe a little off her feed but she's broody. What are the chances of the chicks getting it? They've been in the brooder since 8:00 this morning (it's 3:20 pm now) if they have it too when will it show up? The mum is in quarantine. I've cleaned out the coop as well. I guess it's just a waiting game????

    I've seen her scratch at her head rarely but if she had poo on her foot it could have gotten in her eye. Anything else I can do? Anyone have a similar experience? Is this common thing with bearded silkies? Could it be something worse, if so what?

    Thanks :(

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