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    Ok im not sure what is going on but i started out with chickens about a year ago and just recently started having problems with the eyes i have had a did chicks get a yellow hard substance in there eye lid over there eye and it will grow very large and i have had some just keep one eye shut at all times it may or may not be swollen around the edges but they will act fine and sometimes they get a nasty smell like something dead all over them i started duramycine and some got better and some died but i still have some that will close the eye and some will swell. I have no clue how to post a picture sorry
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    http://www.hpbaa.com/Poultry_Health.html might have some helpful information. Edited tosay if you are losing chicks to any types of symptoms please contact your local state agriculture department for a free necropsy of the carcass Do not freezeit refrigerate it testing is free and you can find out exactly what you are dealing with. typically anytime there are several deaths involved it can be some serious things.
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    A dead nasty smell could be Coryza. If it is, the best thing you can do is cull all of them. Clean and disinfect the coop before bringing in any new birds.
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    Quote:That webpage is REALLY awesome!

    (Sorry I don't have any advice to give.)
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