eye vs. respiratory infection


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Dec 30, 2011
I have a rooster that has had an eye infection for four weeks. He was given to me, along with five hens, and he and one hen both had the eye goo....unfortunately one of my dogs killed the sick hen. Anyway, I have isolated him for the past 3 weeks and started him on tetracycline 18 days ago. At first he showed improvement with the excretion from his eye and nose but he still hasnt fully recovered. He acts like he feels good and he is eating well. I am thinking he may need a different antibiotic. Any suggestions on what to do next?



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Dec 11, 2011
Interesting--we have had a hen with a similar problem for several months---we think she had an injury to her head to start it off, the others started pecking at her, her eye swelled shut and she had a smelly liquid running from her mouth and nose. She lost a lot of weight. We have given her sub-cutaneous shots of Tylan--it helped a little, but not as much as the penicillan that we used next. We thought she was better after 5 days of Pen. G, but after a week she started getting the same liquid runnig from her eye and nose. It does not seem to be respiratory at all, and the other chickens have not gotten it so I would say it is not contagious. We once again have started her on Pen G. Our vet said that give it to her longer it won't hurt her. She has put on weight though and is finally acting better, so I do think the Pen. G is taking care of it, whatever it is. I too am looking for answers as to what this might be. She sure is a fighter--if we don't do something she will surely die. Any ideas out there??


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Aug 2, 2011
Madison, CT
The fact that you say their was smelly liquid running from her mouth and nose and has been sick for months definitely sounds like infectious coryza.
If its affecting the nose, eyes, or mouth, that would be considered a respiratory problem.
Coryza is contagious but i heard it moves slowly through flocks.
Some big signs of coryza are:

Smelly/stinky face/discharge
yellow cheesy discharge from nostrils
swollen eyes or eye discharge
sometimes breathing problems

Coryza is detrimental disease and isn't curable, they will be carriers for life.
You can treat the symptoms but the symptoms will come back when under stress.
Normally people have to cull the whole flock, disinfect, and start over.
So i would definitely look into it and see if all the symptoms match.
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