Eyeball Injury...*Updated Photos* 11/2 Looking any better?


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My top cock, Clyde has somehow gotten an eye injury. The tear ducts are still working, but there seems to be quite a bit of scar tissue. The eyeball is protruding. I will get photos as soon as I get back to AR.

Is there anything I can do, other than a saline eye wash that may help him? Any type of anti-inflammatory (other than baby aspirin in water) or any antibiotics that someone can suggest?

His eyelids are still functional and I believe his third eyelid may still be working. I am doubtful we can save his vision, but at least decrease the scar tissue and inflammation from causing more issues.

I am getting ready to go the feed store for some medicine. Any ideas?

There seems to be no other issues other than molting and his eye injury, so I'm highly doubtful there is any illness that caused this. That and he was holding his eye closed for a few days before this lovely gunkage showed up.



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No replies yet. Hope someone comes along that can suggest something.

I picked up some saline wash and some antibiotic eye ointment for cattle and horses. It is definitely his eyeball, not any type of plug or start of an infection. His eyeball seems as though it was "knocked loose" for lack of a better term. I'm almost certain the eyeball is dead. The iris is gray, so that can't be a good sign.
I dont know...

dlunicorn is always great for medical things.... but shes not on much anymore...
Heres a bump..
Keep an opthalmic ointment on the eye at all times- I'd apply it several times a day. Some of the swelling is from trauma, and until it goes down, you won't know much what you are dealing with. I'd keep him isolated, as his vision may be limited and another chicken is likely to do more damage to it. I know this is hard, but your best bet is to just keep ointment on it and wait. We have just been through this with a cat we picked up that had been hit by a car. She lost her sight in that eye, but until it started to heal, there was no real way for us to know how much damage had been done- and this was according to the vet who examined and treated her. Good luck!
Thanks guys...I was feeling kind of depressed that there were no other ideas.

They "gunk" on the eye (I'm assuming scar tissue) is smoother today and more yellowed. I washed it again today and put some more opthalmic ointment on it.

This is what I'm using:

He's got two hens with him at the moment so that they can help him find food and water in the steel cage, but other than them...Langshans are odd like that, they don't pick. I don't know if it's just the line, but if something is different, they either don't notice it or they just don't care enough to do anything about it.
It's not yellow anymore, only white. It has the consistency of a a hard-boiled egg (gross right?)

I've still been doing the eyewash and applying the medicated eye ointment. I don't know if it's helping or not, but the eye doesn't seem any worse than when I first found it.

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