Eyeball pecking


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May 1, 2013
I had a single chick hatch two days ago, I tried to incubate more but only one turned out fertile. So, the little girl was so lonely she screamed all day and all night. Today, I purchased two adorable little 2 week old babies to keep her company.. apparently those two days were long enough to make her antisocial? As soon as I put the two in with her, she almost lunged at their eyes, as if it were a cat chasing a mouse! She literally flies back towards their eyes when I move her back. She screams when shes all alone, but when I put the two babies in with her she relentlessly pecks at their eyes! What is this behavior? I was worried that they were too old for her, one is two weeks the other is one. But theyre so calm, and shes so randomly vicious, she wont leave their eyes alone. So now shes separate and crying again. Is there anyone else who had this issue?


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Feb 5, 2009
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Unfortunately, it's not that unusual chicken behavior. If you can, set things up so they are next to each other with a barrier they can see through between them, like chicken wire. Leave them that way for several days, or a week or two. Then try again. When you try again, distractions help a lot. Maybe take them outside, have a couple of boxes or rocks they can hide behind, have two food and water sources, and so forth. Treats may also help, though if they are new to grass, that may be enough to keep them busy. I don't think anything makes chickens happier than being on grass or weeds where they can forage. Also, turn the heat down a bit, and try to keep them on the cool end of what they tolerate. And turn the light off at night as soon as you can.

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