eyes closed and foaming at the mouth!?

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    One on my hens eyes were swollen shut and she had foamy stuff in her beak. Any ideas? [​IMG]
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    Check the learning center page for links to disease lists, if you don't get an answer.

    Definitely isolate her from flock - this can't be good. If she is having trouble breathing - the foamy stuff could be mucus/snot - then I would suggest putting a dab of Vicks type menthol rub under her wings where there are no feathers. I have used it often on chickens, chicks, and turkey poults with good results, and no one has ever told me it was harmful.

    You might try Googling "chicken foaming at mouth" too. Their sinuses can cause their eyes to swell, ooze bubbles, etc.
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    That is just what my hen looked like I would get her on antibiotics ASAP . Tractor Supply carries Duramycin-10 ($6.00) one teaspoon per gallon of water is what I use.It cured her in 7-10 day treatment. I'm not a vet but have seen this and treated mine and she survived. I also mixed a little very little like just dust from powder in a with water in a syringe (w/o nettle of course) and fed it to her slowly to make sure she got it right off.Some say not to do that cause it can go into lungs but I never had that happen and it saved her. I will pray for your little lady.
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