eyes closed, sleeping a lot but otherwise looking normal


Mar 12, 2018
Perth Australia
Me again, with another issue.. somehow i think im a very unlucky chicken beginner..
or just overreacting??
The other pullet (plymouth rock cross) i have about 3 month old, is now acting lethargic, having her eyes closed most the time, she is sleeping lots but is still regulary eating, drinking, pooping(look normal) going to roost at night, foraging a little bit. we caught her today (but forgot to take close up picture) listened to chest no rattle.. no discharges anywhere. she can open eyes and when she does they look normal not red or inflamed or infected.. nothing else i can see.. we administered some eye drops.

any ideas, things i can try??


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Yes, your hen is telling you she's sick. But that's about as useful, as far as it goes, as you going to the ER and telling them you're sick. Without a lot more information, they will be unable to help you.

So we need more information about your hen if we're going to be able to do the right things to help her.

How long have you noticed this? Prior to her showing these signs, what was she doing? Do you have a compost pile? What's in it? How wet is it? Any bad smells? How about stagnant puddles? Could her feed have gotten wet? And most important, what does her poop look like?

The first thing that comes to mind would be a coccidiosis outbreak. Have you had any folks visit lately from a different locale? Have you borrowed any yard machinery, imported any topsoil? I would start treating the entire flock for coccidiosis immediately as a precaution as the symptoms are consistent with it. You'll need to find a coccidiostat and follow the directions for treatment, as opposed to prevention.
Noticed sleepingsthree days ago then one eye closed yesterday and both today. Poop is normal no blood. Only 2 pullets.. no new introduction.no compost or having fed anything other then grower crumble. No smells. Not wet as it's been lovely weather.
I have medicated chick starter food still should I give that for a while instead.
Before that she was fine bit we only own these two for about 2 weeks come from reputable sellers \breeders but different locations.
I would start with treating her with Corid for 7 days, unless you can take a couple of her fresh droppings into a vet for a fecal float. Any vet can do that, but I would check with someone you deal with normally. If it is negative for worms and coccidia, then I would check for other problems, such as a crop blockage, mites or lice, and elsewhere.
The fact that your two chickens came from different locations is reason enough to suspect coccidiosis. There are many different species of these nasty critters, and while a chicken may be resistant to the one where she's been raised, she may be vulnerable to coccidia from a different place.

Medicated feed hasn't got enough coccidiostat in it to cure coccidiosis. You need to locate the medication and mix it into the water and treat according to the instruction for disease outbreak. Others might be able to give you more information as to brands and dosage in Australia where several kinds of coccidiostats are available.

A fecal test would be good to do, but don't waste valuable time waiting for results. Start the treatment immediately. It will do no harm if coccidiosis isn't the problem and the fecal test may be able to rule it out.

If you have the budget for some additional lab testing, have the lab run some gram pos/neg stains for presence of bacteria that could be making this hen sick. You will then know you need to treat her with an antibiotic and which kind will be most effective according to what the results of the tests show.
Totally agree with the Corid treatment. The sooner the better. Corid powder dosage is 1 1/2 teaspoonsful per gallon, while Corid liquid dosage is 2 teaspoonsful per gallon. It wont hurt to treat them and it turns out not to be cocci, but they will die if you don't treat and it is. Don't give any vitamins supplements while treating. Cocci has killed my chickens within 1 day of them showing symptoms.
Thanks all for your kind advice, I looked in the pet stores nearby bit no one has it.. feed stores more rural and at least 45 mind drive (2 small kids..vou conot fit it in today)
Not looking better or worse today just the same..
Will take both to vet tomorrow and their nightly droppings. I am waiting to introduce my 3 little chicks currently in backbyard.. to them and am needing to make sure nothing contagious is going around.. I am concerned about the cost but figure I just have to deal with it.. they will then also have the right meds as I would probably to order online.these will be two very expensive pullets and a bad start to this hobby.
In Australia you may find amprollium or amprol in a cattle feed store. Other drugs may be used such as sulfa antibiotics or toltrazuril, but amprol is usually more available over the counter.
In the meantime, try to get them drinking fluids to help prevent dehydration.
She is drinking and eating and following the other one around who seems to look after her stay close..
Thanks hopefully tomorrow will bring some answers. We are in suburbia..so no real feedstores around us at all.

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