Eyes oozing bubbly clear liquid and closing


9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Crossville tn
Hello, this weekend my husband I and purchased two hens that are just about laying age. When we got them home we noticed that one of them had a shut eye that appeared injured. We let her be because we thought that maybe she was injured in transport.
Over the weekend the eye slowly opened back up but is still oozing clear bubbly liquid. This morning we noticed the other eye is starting to get the same liquid.

When we put her directly by the food she will eat but we noticed the other hens (even the one we purchased with her) pick on her so she mostly stays off to herself.

what do you think?

I would really hate to put out the $ on a vet when we paid only $10 for the hen.

Thank in advance!!!
seperate from all others so they wont get it. Is her chest rattling? Maybe an antibotic in water? I had a respitory issue with goo eyes,rattle chest and goo in the nose. I gave tylan. Good luck!
Go to feed store and get Duramycin or Auramycin they are a powder form Antibiotic you mix with water to give to them. 1 Tbsp to a gallon.
ok great, thanks for the advice.
I'll probably just treat all of them since they've been together all weekend.

How long should I wait to start eating their eggs?

thanks again, i really appreciate any advice!

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