eyes stuck shut and bloody comb

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  1. cmcm

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    May 7, 2008
    i just found one of my bantam brahma hens (2 years old) with her head drooped down and i noticed that both her eyes were almost completely stuck shut. also her comb was bloody and a lot of feathers have been pulled from her head - resulting in more areas of blood.

    we had one hen - same type and age - about a month ago - who is broody and sitting on the nest favored by most of the chickens - and she had one eye stuck shut but there was no swelling or blood. we put bag balm on her eye and immediately it popped open and looked fine - with no reoccurance. so with this hen we have applied bag balm and one eye popped open - but we are really worried about the possibility of disease. I can't tell if maybe she has just been pecked a lot or was injured during mating. i thought with the first hen that maybe the other hens pecked her eye while trying to lay in that box, esp since it never happened to her again.

    i looked some things up on the disease links and she, nor any other chicken seem to have any respiratory problem - no mucus or runny nose.

    she was very very thirsty after we fixed her up but i dont know if she has been eating. we just isolated her in a dog cage with food and water.

    also, we have 5 new hens who were all raised from chicks (one amaraucana mix, 2 dominiques and 2 barred rocks) who are all 3 months old now and it seems like there is some vying for places in the pecking order. so maybe she could have been beat up by a younger hen? she does seem to be one of the lower ranked hens from our original flock.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Sure sounds like she was beat up to me. I had a broody hen who got beat up like that once and the others were brutile. I think it's good you have her isolated to give her time to heal.


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