Eyes will not improve in my salmon faverolle


May 9, 2018
I have a salmon faverolle that developed tiny bubbles in the corner of her eyes and swelling in the inner eye tissue. I have been treating her eyes with an eye wash followed by Terramycin ointment daily (sometimes 2x day) for at least 2, but maybe 3 weeks at this point. I have tried massaging in case there is any pus, but I haven't gotten anything out even with firmer pressure, and it upsets her or causes pain. I have even tried some vet rx with eye flushes in case eye worms (haven't see any signs)

I also have have tried courses of denagard in her water and tylan powder. I can't find Tylan liquid anywhere without an Rx. She sounds normal, eats normally, etc but she closes her eyes often (they look sore) and shakes her head some.

I can't afford the very expensive local exotic avian vet in the area. I don't know why her eyes aren't cured. There is the tiniest improvement in the amount of swelling, but that's it. One eye has a lump (see pic) that reminds me of a stye or blocked tear duct. What else can I do for this chicken?

Help please my chicken buddies including @Eggcessive @casportpony


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Could you please check inside her mouth? Look for signs of yellow plaque or a white waxy material. You may be dealing with a protozoa and not bacteria, and that's why she hasn't responded to the antibiotics.
I was out town today but will check in the morning. If so, what would I do to address that?
How much of each did you use and for how long?

Do you have respiratory disease in your flock?
I have had respiratory illness in the flock in the past, though no others are currently sick.

I did about a week of each. Toward the end of this week I was desperate for a power punch and used both.
Chickens occasionally suffer allergic reactions. It's not possible to say that's what's going on here, but you can try children's benadryl. It's easy to overdose it, though, so be careful.

The dose is .5 ml once in a 24 hour period. No more. No more often.

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