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    May 23, 2008
    I have 8 younger chicks 2 & 3 months, boys and girls, old that need to go - pick up only please outside of Ithaca NY.
    Thier mixes are :
    Silki/ Black Cochin
    Barred Rock/Cochin
    White Rock/Barred rock
    one Barred rock that will be a roo for sure.
    one Buff Orpington cockeral

    They are a really nice mix, eat up a storm, have been outside in the run & coop - no health issues and no bugs!! It's just ime to scale down my numbers as I get ready for colder weather.

    I'm asking $25 for the bunch, but I'm looking for an working egg turner for my G-1588 if you'd like to swap that!

    Please PM or email me.
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