Fabric Postcard Swap - Any Theme/Color


10 Years
May 19, 2009
This swap will be for groups of 5 or 6 (groups will be decided once sign-ups are complete) and is for fabric postcards in any theme/color combination. Just use your imagination and be creative! Just make sure to send something that you, yourself, would be happy to receive.

Even if you've never made postcards, please join us. They're very easy to make and allow you to let your creative juices flow! For those of you who have never made them, there are some great tutorials online; this is one of my favorites: http://livinginstitches.blogspot.com/2009/09/fabric-postcards.html

will be taken until October 11, 2009. I will then send a list of group participants to each group member, and postcards must be mailed no later than November 7, 2009.

Please PM me your info (name and address) if interested.

C'mon! This will be FUN!!

BYC, its staff members and affiliates are not responsible for what happens within this swap. People should only swap if they are comfortable knowing they might not get a postcard in return due to mail or failure on the part of one person to send one. I will do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen, and will try keep a few postcards on hand to make amends. Please PM me if you do not receive all of your postcards.
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This seems so cool! If I weren't up to my neck in fall projects I'd be right on it. Maybe the next one...

These are fun and easy to make. Wish I had time right now, but getting ready for the coming winter and trying to finish up outside projects. This might be fun to do in time for Valentine's Day too. I had a blast making them last year and it was a good winter project. The card on the right is just the base of the card finished, more embellishments were added before it was sent.


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