FABULOUS series of news articles on city chicken-keeping legalization!

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    Oct 18, 2009
    I HAVE to share this WONDERFUL series of online articles, written by Nancy Krohn of Wisconsin's "Providence Examiner", (examiner.com) who does a tremendous service to the backyard chicken keeping movement in her ongoing coverage. If you are pursuing the legalization of chickens in your town's backyards, these articles are a wonderful, fact-filled, resource for you!


    Here are the titles of the recently published installments:

    1. Wisconsin is in the forefront of the backyard chicken raising movement. How about LaCrosse?
    2. LaCrosse Residents Want the Right to Keep Chickens in Their Backyard.
    3. Backyard Chickens are Big News in LaCrosse.
    4. Backyard chickens make the prime time news!
    5. LaCrosse alderman to introduce backyard chicken proposal tonight at city hall.
    6. Many other cities have chosen to allow backyard chickens 7.
    7. What's the status of backyard chickens in LaCrosse? *
    8. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    9. Backyard chicken petition is now in LaCrosse City Council's hands.
    10. Education. The key to winning support for backyard chickens in LaCrosse.
    11. Backyard chickens are not farm animals.
    12. The truth about chickens...debunking the myths about backyard chickens .
    13. Continuing education ~ debunking more myths about city chickens.

    * I became aware of this series of articles when the author contacted me through BYC to ask if she could use this photo of my daughter in the 7/15/10 piece.
    Gratuitous cute-daughter photo:
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    Stop it. The cuteness is overwhelming.
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    Oct 18, 2009
    Sending a BIG SHOUT OUT to HAMDEN, Connecticut on it's successful campaign to legalize the keeping of chickens in their backyards!!! [​IMG]
    By a UNANIMOUS vote of the PZC, as of August 15, 2010, the keeping of backyard hens will be LEGAL!! [​IMG]

    For more information on the effort to legalize chickens in Hamden, go to: http://hensforhamden.wordpress.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hamden-Chickens/86683643438

    the proposed regulation (which was adopted with some minor changes to be made): http://hensforhamden.wordpress.com/2010/06/23/meet-your-newly-proposed-hens-regulation/


    Statement of purpose. The keeping of hens supports a local, sustainable food system by providing an affordable, nutritious food source of fresh eggs. The keeping of hens also provides free nitrogen-rich fertilizer; chemical-free pest control; animal companionship and pleasure; weed control; and less noise, mess and expense than dogs and cats.

    This regulation is intended to make provision for the limited keeping of female chickens (Gallus domesticus), referred to as hens, for the health, convenience and personal enjoyment benefits afforded by such use, in a manner which preserves the quality of life of the surrounding neighborhood.

    a. No more than six (6) hens may be kept in the following residence zoning districts as a non-commercial accessory use: R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, T-3, T-3.5

    b. Hens shall be confined to a fenced enclosure located in a rear or side yard only. The enclosure shall be at least ten feet from any property lines or 20 feet from residential structures on adjacent properties.

    c. Within the fenced enclosure, a well-maintained structure (henceforth referred to as a coop) shall be required for the hens. The coop must be less than 15 feet in height and impermeable to rodents, wild birds, and predators, including dogs and cats. A Zoning Permit is required to erect all backyard or sideyard coops.

    d. The coop and enclosure must be clean and odor-free, kept in a neat and sanitary condition at all times, in a manner that will not disturb the use or enjoyment of neighboring lots due to noise, odor or other adverse impact.

    e. Any portion of the coop directly visible from a property boundary or directly visible from a street line shall be screened by either a fence or a landscaped buffer substantial enough to conceal the structure.

    f. Odors from hens, hen waste, or other hen-related substances shall not be perceptible at the property boundaries.

    g. Provision must be made for the storage and removal of hen droppings. All stored droppings shall be covered by a fully enclosed structure with a roof or lid over the entire structure. All other droppings not used for composting or fertilizing shall be removed. In addition, the coop, enclosure and surrounding area must be kept free from trash and accumulated droppings.

    h. Perceptible noise from hens shall not be loud enough at the property boundaries to disturb persons of reasonable sensitivity.

    i. No rooster shall be kept on any property.

    j. The keeping of hens shall conform to standards set by the Quinnipiack Valley Health District."

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