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I have a friend who I see regularly at a weekly playgroup (we both make it there on the same day a couple times a month or so). She is a nice person and we get along fine when face to face. I have her on my Facebook list and I have a bit of a dilemma. She regularly (a couple times a week), posts things that are incredibly contrary to my political beliefs and are often insulting or offensive to someone such as myself. I never respond to any of them and I certainly can just continue to ignore them, but it's getting to the point where I no longer want to see her updates because they are more than likely going to be something I don't need to read. It is really starting to affect how I view her as a friend in real life.

Should I remove her as a friend and either not say anything to her or explain why I removed her from my list (simply saying that her political posts were too much for me); or should I just suck it up and continue to ignore the inflammatory things she posts? We never really share anything of meaning on there, so neither of us would be missing out on much by not being friends on Facebook. What do you think?
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On your news feed, hover over her post, and a hide button will pop up. Click hide "Jane Doe" and you can still chat ect, but her posts won't show up on your news feed


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I agree. Just hide her. I have friends/relatives I love dearly, but don't want to see their views about certain things on my facebook.

I just hide them and only interact with them on their wall or when we meet for lunch.

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Quote:I didn't either- once I figured it out- yay! I'm sure I have a few FB friends that hide my stuff too. Ya know- all that treehugger stuff doesn't agee with everybody- but most of my friends are like-minded.

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