facebook peeps, we are trying for 1000 fans for our educational farm


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Jul 14, 2009
newport news va

is some info on the farm http://www.hampton.gov/bbgf/

Bluebird Gap Farm offers an exciting, family-oriented adventure and educational experience rarely see in an urban environment. The 60-acre farm has more than 250 domestic and wild animals, including everything from the usual array of farm animals to a bobcat, raccoon, birds of prey, whitetail deer, tortoises, and peacocks. A shelter with 4 picnic tables and charcoal grill is available on a first come, first served basis (user must provide own charcoal). Other picnic tables are placed throughout the farm for guest's convenience. The antique display barn features snack and drink vending machines. Animal feed machines are located in several locations for those wanting a more 'interactive' experience (don’t forget your quarters!). Visitors will enjoy the Hampton Master Gardeners' Display Garden and Arboretum (a work in progress), a large playground and public restrooms, a nature trail, a new stage with seating for special events and activities. Admission is free.

i volunteer here and also did as a teen. it's what got me into chickens and other animals.​
I'm curious - what is the benefit to having a lot of fans on FB? I am always being asked to become a fan of this or that but I haven't yet figured out how it benefits either me of the other party, to become/have fans.....

We want to do that here someday. Even though we are rural- there are plenty of kids in Chattanooga that aren't exposed to farm & wildlife. The local girl scouts are coming next month for "chicken day"
well for us it's just being alive in a conversation. bluebird is located on prime real estate and is always in danger of being sold and developed. so i figure the more fans it has the stronger the conversation of it staying put. so imo the more fans it has, the more popular it is. the more popular it is, the more important it is. the more important it is, the better it's chances at surviving.

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