Facial Mask recipe?


9 Years
Jun 6, 2010
I am not sure if this would go in the recipes group. But does anybody have any good facial mask recipes???

Last night I made a small one:
1 tbsp Yogurt
1 tbsp Oatmeal
A drop of honey

It didn't turn out so good. Any other home-made facial mask recipes???
A really good one that I like is to mix sugar with olive oil and use it as a scrub, use a nice natural soap after to wash it off. I use the scrubs on my lips and then you don't even have to wash it off!
Over at www.chickensintheroad.com, Suzanne McMinn has a few different recipes posted. Look on the Farm Bell Recipes page. I've made a facial scrub -- I know you are looking for a mask -- out of brown sugar, honey, olive oil, and vanilla. I really liked it! I got the recipe from that website. There were many different recipes on there for facial stuff.
Heres a couple I have used. They were actually on the Dr. OZ show-

1/4 of a banana
1 tsp honey
1/4 cup yogurt.
Mix together well- spread over face, let sit 15 min, rinse off.


1 cup milk
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp brandy-yes, brandy!

Mix together well, spread on face, rinse off.
Just plain honey works great.
Slather on - it is sloppy so wear something that can take a drip or two - let sit for 5 minutes then rinse off.
Honey is a natural antibacterial & leaves your skin feeling smooth.

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