Failure to thrive caused by humidity?

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    Sep 9, 2014
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    This morning I lost the second of only two chicks that hatched from ten eggs that went to lockdown. I didn't have a hygrometer (it was an older hovabator), and have concluded my humidity was was too high. I ended up with what appeared to be 2 mushy chicks, 4 sticky chicks, and two "drowned" chicks. Only two hatched. The first one was up-and-at-em quickly. Totally normal. The other one was lethargic and sticky. She also had what looked like liquid surrounding her belly button. After washing her with some dawn and blow drying her (on low), she fluffed up nicely. I fed the lethargic one wetted chick starter and electrolyte-vitamin water several times a day. On day two, she seemed to be perking up and was even trying to walk around, but she started to decline again and died on day four. She still had an odd looking belly button at death, so I'm thinking umbilical infection.
    Meanwhile the other chick had been running around chirping for a friend. We ended up getting some more chicks from a local breeder to keep it company. It was so happy to have the friends and snuggled right in with them. However, she wasn't getting any bigger and her feathers were not coming in. She seemed to be doing great, running around, pecking things, eating, drinking...Then, this morning, at 10 days old, I noticed her weak and breathing with her mouth open. I tried to give her electrolyte-vitamin water, and cooked egg yolks, but she died less than 20 minutes later.
    Would my humidity error cause these chicks to die? I had considered maybe the new chicks had brought a strain of cocci that these weren't used to with them, but that doesn't explain why the chick wasn't feathering out or growing (before we got the new ones).
    Is this something I should bring to the attention of the breeder I bought the hatching eggs from?
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    I hate it when stuff like that happens. I cant hurt to talk with the breeder. I haven't had problems with hatched chicks dying but issues of hatchability of the large fowl. In the same incubator, the bantams have hatched great while the large fowl are just the opposite. I have had plenty of large fowl chicks get to the last few days and then die and even internally pip but then die.

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