Fair price for selling Grand Champion FFA eggs


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Mar 29, 2018
My daughter is brand new to chickens and the world of FFA. She worked very hard and earned Grand Champion for her eggs at the FFA HBE show in our region. Her 4, yes only 4 ladies are hybrid (mostly white leghorn) and our Roos are one of the same and a lovely Barred Plymouth Rock. Now classmates are interested in purchasing her eggs to incubate. I wondered what fair price for these would be as the would essentially become her competition for later shows. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance
I’m afraid I disagree. These are hybrids from hatchery quality. 4H shows are not about breed quality.

Pricing does vary by region but typical fair price of fertile backyard flock eggs is a dollar an egg- $12 for bakers doz to 15 eggs. Pricing of 30-35 per dozen non shipped is for standard bred birds of good quality. Not hatchery quality back yard mixes.
Nah, she can ask what she wants. ;) Show Quality eggs after all.
From what I understand you can not have show quality eggs or chicks. They can come from birds that won awards at APA events but does not guarantee offspring will be show quality. So calling eggs or chicks show quality is false advertising.
Where were you planning on selling? Could you price higher and then lower price if not selling? Let the market determine the value. The eggs are worth what customers are willing to pay.
If she represents them as show quality, sells them at a premium price and then they hatch out to be normal mixed breed chickens, which they are, how will this affect her selling reputation going forward? I would encourage her to be generous with her friends and work on a selective breeding plan for a purebred line in the future.

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