Fair prices for chicks.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Julie_A, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. Julie_A

    Julie_A Songster

    Apr 20, 2008
    Brewton, Ala.
    What would you consider a fair price for Silver Laced Wyandottes from non-hatchery birds and Americauna chicks? They will be sold straight-run as day olds or sexed as month olds.


  2. KellyHM

    KellyHM Crowing

    Sep 10, 2008
    Lakeland, FL
    Straight run I would say $5-10 depending on the area you're in. Sexed I would say $15-20 for pullets and $10 for cockerels.
  3. Mrs. Turbo

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    Jan 26, 2009
    Quote:I guess it would depend on the quality of the parent stock. We are still trying to price our SLW chicks for the spring...maybe around $10....not sure yet.
  4. Julie_A

    Julie_A Songster

    Apr 20, 2008
    Brewton, Ala.
    Bought these from a fellow BYCer. I would think they'll be good pet birds. I live in a really rural area and am trying to figure a price based on hatchery price plus shipping.
  5. ChooksChick

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    Aug 17, 2008
    Larry, KS
    My Coop
    It really depends! Right now I can't get rid of 9 week old Gold and Silver Laced Wyandottes for $9 or 3 for $25, where 2 weeks ago I was getting $10 each.

    It's really dependent on what the weather is doing, and time of year. We had nice weather for a couple of weeks and folks wanted new birds. Now...notsomuch.
  6. greathorse

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    Oct 1, 2008
    Northern Colorado
    I can tell you that some of the best SLW I have found sell for 5.00 each plus shipping for hatching eggs. I have some of these and I do not regret the price one bit. But 5.00 shipped eggs make 10.00 chicks pretty darn reasonable if the quality is awesome.

    In general I find that breeders with great quality sell day olds for bout 8-10 each, but this is usually from proven breeders with some kind of show record or at minimum their lines have a show record.

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