Fairly new to Chickens


Sep 27, 2019
We have a flock of 7, 1 is a brown leghorn, she's been laying for awhile. We actually got her when a neighbors dog, raided somebody else's chicken pen and brought her through our yard, luckily she wasn't wounded. We had already had a coop with 4 rhode island reds, and 1 barred hen. We bought them already laying. Most have died from old age so we got pullets that ranged from 8-12 weeks, we've had the about 3 months now and they are getting ready to start laying (hopefully). This part I'm very inexperienced at, since our previous ones were established layers. They have a nice large run and a coop with 4 nesting boxes and roosts. They do not roost in the coop, they roost on top of the coop, on top of a wood platform/bench we have inside the run, but not the coop. Hopefully, they will use it soon. One of my polish girls laid just a yolk 2 days ago, but nothing since (I know they aren't prolific egg layers, just cute:) ) Everyone else except my barnyard mix seem to be starting the squat, but they do not go in the coop for privacy and the rest of the girls, seem to want to bother them. Any advice?

The new girls will follow the lead of the old ones. They will lay in boxes soon, especially once the pecking order is established, and the seniors accept them. Don’t worry, everything will work out soon.

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