Fake Eggs in the Nest Box contribute to Broody Behavior? Is She Even Broody At All?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by MelTX, Jul 29, 2014.

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    No one has been able to give me a clear answer about my EE who just started laying about three weeks ago. In the last week or so she started staying in the next box for about 4.5 hours, heat of the day. She eventually lays and then gets up for the rest of the afternoon til bedtime.

    No other really broody behavior (growling, puffing up, broody poop) although I know those behaviors can be breed specific.

    I have two next boxes for my 4 hens. I had ONE plastic egg in each box, which my EE would put under herself while laying. I always collect after laying as my EE is the only one laying at the moment.

    I took the plastic eggs out of the boxes today and my EE stayed out of the box all day today, doing normal daily routine of ranging with the flock and never laid today.

    Should I keep the plastic eggs out permanently or put them back in tomorrow? I do NOT want her to go broody, but I have an orpington who is submissive squatting and hopefully will lay any day now. I want her to lay where she's supposed to, not to mention my other two orps who will be laying soon too.

    Is staying in the nest box half the day then laying and getting out considered broody? If I keep the fake eggs out of the boxes will they go back to lay since she's already laid there before?

    I appreciate any help!
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    What you describe is not broody or even pre broody behavior, All hens have different laying patterns that they follow. I would put the fake eggs back in the nest.

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