Fall Bi-Annual Carolina Poultry Party ~ Aug 6th at Irmo Tractor Supply


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Jul 6, 2009
South Carolina
I missed the last meet up in April so I would like to try again!!!
I have a free Saturday in my rodeo schedule on June 4 and would like to know if anybody else would like to meet up somewhere around the Columbia, SC area. I have bantam cochins, barred rocks, sizzles and frizzles, Old English Bantams and a white polish rooster. Maybe a few others too! All my pens are just so packed that I don't know what all is in there. I also may have some ducks and geese too.
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I might be. I have some extra Blue Lace Red Wyandotte roos that I could bring. They are gorgeous but I only need to keep one of the roo's.
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I don't know if I will be able to make it, I will def try and keep you guys updated. I'll have 1 SS roo, 2 RIR pullets that could be SS mixes, (all are ~2 mos. old). Also may bring 2 SLW pullets (3 mos old) but I haven't decided if I'm keeping them or not since I don't have a roo to go with them.
yeah! I wasn't getting much interest so I just went lawn mower shopping instead!!!

As long as I don't have a rodeo on that day - I will try my best to be there.
Heres my rodeo schedule . . .
June 11 and June 24&25
July 2, 15&16 and 29&30
August 12&13 and 26&27
How's August 6th sound?
That works good for me because my SS and Dels should be laying by then, so it will give me even more variety to bring. Renegaderidgefarm, I will also post this on the SC board to hopefully get more responses.

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