Fall - how much ventilation is good?

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    Hi, you can see my coop on my page. Since it is supposed to get down to 42 deg tonight we put our insert back up into the front of the coop which gave 3x2 ft of ventilation at least during the summer and tonight I left open the two slot vents which are about 4x24". I kept the window closed. Do you think that is enough ventilation for 6 15 wk old pullets at 42 degrees? In the morning I will open the pop door and window and hoping that is enough ventilation for the during the day when it is about 65 deg. Do you think that is ok? Thanks!
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    We had temps in the 40's the last few nights too and I buttoned up the barn pretty tight, but my 20 week old chickens seem to love the cool weather. They are up and out early and ranging far and wide at first light.
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    Yes I would say that what you are doing is just fine.
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    Quote:[​IMG] I agree!
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    Thanks everybody and I do appreciate Pats Ventilation page - one reason we went with the removable insert in the front of the coop. I think one thing I will do is clean out the litter more often. I don't think I know enough about the deep litter method and shavings are cheap.

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