Fall Lucasville Ohio Show - Southern Ohio Poultry Assoc.


9 Years
Aug 15, 2010
Columbus Ohio
Does anyone have any info on this show? I tried locating a website on it but was unable to? Also was curious if they are doing testing at this show? And how you pre- enter? Any info would be helpful! Thanks
You have to get a catalog from the contact person on that page^ and you have to enter before the deadlin in that catalog wich is usually 2 weeks before the show
Is anyone going to be attending the fall show? If you are going, will you be showing or seling any birds?

I went to the show in May and bought some birds. I really enjoyed seeing all the birds there.
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I really don't know why this show doesn't get advertised more, but people around here are well aware of it, as it usually causes a few traffic issues. It is an interesting show. Lots of birds and exotic mammals at times. Lots of swap meet/flea market stuff as well.

I live in Scioto county, and try to go if I can, as it is fun. I plan to go Saturday.

In fact, if anyone needs a (free) place to stay, they would be welcome to bunk here. I'm about 7 miles away, and I have 3 bedrooms, and two couches in the living room. It's a little rustic, but, Mi casa es su casa. I would even let your chickens stay inside, but not to range freely.

Entry deadline is next Tuesday, Sept 20th. I'm not entering anybody.

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