Fall Weekend Special on Silkie Eggs

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    NOTE: I will be selling my partridge flock in the next few weeks. 8 babies (maybe more as I have some eggs under broodies), & 8 adults. So if you need info please contact me. I will put up of auction next week with shipping or pick up in October. This is to make room for the buffs and lavenders that are being added to my flock. I will be keeping my silver partridges.

    Please get your date you want for fall eggs as I soon will not be running this offer. So get your date while you can.

    The weekend special was such a hit and I have had so many Pm's and emails asking if I was going to do this again. I was going to wait until next spring but decided to do a fall one. It will be a bit different this time. Need to get as many people in that wanted and requested this second offering. I will be offer at least 2 dozen eggs to each person.. so I can do two customers per date. If I have more eggs I will split the balance with the two customers or if only one per that date then they will get them all.

    This will be the last until next spring for the "all the eggs in a weekend special"
    When all these dates have been filled and the auction is off. I will post (somewhere, not sure where it would go) a list of all and the dates so you have access to know when your eggs will ship. I will also edit with a verified date they shipped and how many.



    Thanks to all who participated before and now. I greatly appreciate it.

    9/20 - Mommi3130 (no partridge)(Laurieks will take partridge eggs) luvmychickas *
    9/20 -
    9/27- mtcookie *
    9/27- MainelySeramas*

    10/4 - Sweet Violet *
    10/4 - Gordonhillfarm (no partridge)(Laurieks will take partridge eggs)
    10/11 -
    10/11 - Letisha *
    10/18 - Mrsfoote
    10/18 -
    10/25 - Sweet Violet *
    10/25 - christina

    Hope this helps all who wanted to partake in this offer. **Also if there is sometime where hens go broody.. your eggs will be postponed but you will get your eggs. You know how silkies are.

    This will be the last I do this until next spring.
    They will include all that is laying (b/b/s, white, partridge, black lavender split, splash pen, and Grey/silver. My white pen and black lavender split pen has a SG Roo along with Silkie Roos. Just so you know. If there is a color you don't want please tell me and we will leave out.

    If you are interested in this. please PayPal [email protected]
    in the order I receive receipt of payment is the order the eggs will ship. Or let me know which Monday you want. I will edit listing to show what dates are reserved and that way you will know whats left.

    If you are worried about your eggs in the weather for a $1.00 more I will include a cold pack or heat pack which ever is needed in the box.

    All birds are bearded except for three of my partridge. Partridges are hard to keep consistent on the beards.
    Thank you for looking and bidding. Cj


    visit www.cjsilkies.com to see other pictures.

    Thanks to 17roses here are pics and quote on how her eggs were packed.

    I purchased this deal for 5-21 an I just want to say how amazing she packs the eggs! I dont know how she makes any money with the amount of packing supplies, shipping cost not to mention all the time for packing it. I highly recommend this deal!!!! big_smile

    Warnings all over the box for the Post Office workers. Thank you! Stuffed with packing peanuts on the bottom and bubble wrap on the top so the cartons won't bounce around Double wrapped in bubble wrap And last but not least, the carton is packed so the eggs can't move around and the individual eggs marked by color!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much CJ!

    [​IMG] Thank you 17roses for your great pr work.. really really appreciate it. And nice pics also. Thanks again.]

    Thanks to featherz & cristina33 for the pictures. [​IMG]


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    Out of my 18 eggs most are showing fertility. Hope I get a good hatch. [​IMG]
  3. cjexotic

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    woohoo little fuzzy butts coming.
  4. luvmychickas

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    Jul 30, 2009
    Just wanted to add a pic from the eggs that I received. I had a broody hen issue but my Polish ended up hatching and caring for this little one [​IMG] This baby came from Partridge eggs [​IMG]

  5. cjexotic

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    Mar 11, 2008
    Central PA
    That is a silver partridge and what a pretty baby. Thanks for the pic I would love to use it for future ads like the other byc member pics are in my ad.. if that is ok. thanks
  6. FlashPointFarm

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    We bought some of these eggs earlier this year. They are turning out to be beautiful birds!!!
  7. luvmychickas

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    Jul 30, 2009
    I knew that little one was special [​IMG] Of course you can use the pic [​IMG] Thats a pretty good pic too, I took it on my new cell phone [​IMG] Gotta love blackberrys [​IMG]

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