Falling in love with my new Backyard Chickens


Aug 12, 2016
I am fairly new to chickens, but I feel as though I've been raising them all my life since my love for them is just the same as seasoned chicken farmer! I raised my 6 chickens (now 5) from hatchlings back in early April. I currently have 2 Red Stars, 1 White Leghorn, and 2 Rhode Island Red Hens roaming my backyard. I had 3 Rhode Island Reds, but unfortunately, one of them grew to be a very loud young rooster who I loved dearly. Sadly though, roosters are illegal in my area so I took him to a cute little farm in the country where he became apart of an elderly woman's flock. My chickens are around 4-5 months old and one of my Red Stars (named Tammy) has begun popping out smooth, medium sized brown eggs! I'm enjoying my experiences so far as a chicken owner and I joined this site to share my love of chickens with folks just like me!
- Aaron

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