Falmouth Maine votes next month to allow a chicken in every yard

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Feb 16, 2008
From the Portland Press Herald 9/23

New zoning would allow a chicken in every yard

The Falmouth Town Council will vote next month on letting residents raise chickens for personal use.
By DENNIS HOEY, The Associated Press September 23, 2008

FALMOUTH — Residents will be allowed to raise chickens in all of Falmouth's neighborhoods if the Town Council adopts a zoning change.

The amendments to the town's zoning and site plan review ordinance would expand brooding locations and establish rules governing the raising of poultry.

Biddeford, Cape Elizabeth, South Portland and Westbrook allow the raising of chickens for personal use.

Council Chairman William Armitage said the Falmouth council will take a final vote at its October meeting.

On Monday night, councilors heard from the family who prompted the proposal. No one spoke against the ordinance change during the public hearing. Geoff Dyhrberg and his 11-year-old daughter, Kiersten, were the only ones to speak in support.

Dyhrberg, who lives on Middle Road, said he and his wife, Stephanie, sought the zoning change so their children, Kiersten and Marcus, 8, will be able to see where their food comes from.

"I like the idea of being as self-sufficient as I can," said Dyhrberg, who teaches at Freeport High School. "As a society, we are distancing ourselves further from our food supply. I'd like to reverse that, at least for my family. Producing eggs seemed like a simple step to take."

Under the proposal, brought before the Town Council by Councilor Cathy Breen, the raising of poultry for personal use would be allowed in all residential districts. It also would set standards that must be met.

For instance, the proposal would prohibit roosters and the slaughtering of poultry in residential neighborhoods.

Chicken coops could not exceed 100 square feet or 12 feet in height, and poultry must be contained by fencing. Pens and coops would have to be set back at least 20 feet from all property lines.

Kiersten Dyhrberg said her family owns about 12 chickens, which are being boarded at a friend's home in Freeport.

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