Families food confiscated for being charitable.


12 Years
May 1, 2009
Savannah, Georgia
Please read the enclosed article. We can't even help our neighbors! That's Big Brother's job.

Our government has far too much say in our daily lives. If they were selling food then they would obviously need a license. A lot of states require licensing and monitoring for ANY food related exchange. I mean, the laws are to protect people, but after a while you start to wonder... what the hell?

Why cant a grown butt person eat the food they want to eat, regardless of where it came from or how they got it? What business is it of the state?

A lot of it is just gross. I dont want ANYONE telling me what I can or cant eat. What healthcare I can or cant have, what i have to do or what I cant do regarding my health, wellbeing or the raising of my children.

When this country started it was set up with those provisions. Every man was free. FREE. Responsible for himself and his family. Where did that go?
I read the article and went on to watch the video. They seem like honest decent people that are trying to help their fellow man and feed their large family. What kind of a country do we live in that our government prevents that? This story is hear wrenching.

I have a friend that does the same basic thing here in MT. She has a group of women, myself included that place orders with her. She then places the whole order and the truck drops it off at her house. The women come over and help her unpack and separate the food. We pay her and she pays the company. She does not have a license because the company she buys from does.

I do not see where they did anything wrong.

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