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Family Dog suggestions? Georgia

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by mominoz, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. mominoz

    mominoz Songster

    Feb 17, 2009
    North Georgia
    First let me say,I have had several dogs and even raised some shelties and labs (once). But now my sons family needs a 'family dog', that will go with 2 boys 2 & 4 yr old.We have a mini farm and they live on property, and have a small fenced yard, their house is a tiny house, so the dog will have a heated shed and probably spend most of it's time outdoors in North Georgia.
    They got a middle age lab from a shelter and she seemed ok, but first day growled at kids (of course) and then when son was petting her, she 'snapped' and bit 'at him'... he realized she has some kind of 'issues' or triggers from the past and returned her the next day...said he almost didn't get her when on the way out of the shelter they said, "she'd been adopted, but then returned'.... I did warn them to be careful and all the cautions you learn as a animal owner.... but the wife is a bit impulsive and felt sorry for it and didn't use common sense.
    So the question is , are there any trusty websites or groups to help 'hunt' for the right dog? I have lucked out and managed to adopt 3 from shelters and had good experience and then had 3 that had issues that surfaced.... best ones we have had were from private owner give ups....and even one here at Backyard herds for a collie.(we still have)....sometimes I find some of the shelter people aren't knowledgeable or put the best light on, even if its 'not quite true'.....also , some shelters want over 100+$ and they don't have $ to shell out for large fees....and I know there are nice dogs out there begging for homes... they get their shots and feed a reasonable food, and if they do take the dog to the local vet when needed....but they don't need a dog that is risky for active boys, (the kids do have an older dog that was a shelter dog I got years ago, but he is 15 and about to have to be put down, and they would like to start looking for a replacement) ...(I also have a refusal in the mix as I have the ducks and geese and horses on the property, adjacent.
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