Family Emergency, I must rehome my dogs immediately!!!

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    I can't go into details, it's private, but I need to rehome a couple of my dogs. It's an emergency and they have to go, or they will be going to a shelter. I would prefer if they went to a good home first. I will describe each dog and their personality so you get an idea of whether or not they will be a good fit for your family.

    Maddie: Half Chow/Half Olde English Sheepdog. A good girl, quiet, calm, very laid back. She's wary of men, but if properly introduced, she can grow to like them. She adores my friend who comes to visit me several times a year and always wants her belly rubs from him. Her hair does not grow as long as a sheepdogs, but she has hair like the sheepdog, not the Chow. She is gray and black in color, but seriously, she has looked like that since she was a puppy. She is NOT chicken friendly and we are successfully able to keep her away from our chickens, so we've kept our chickens safe. She is independent and will be 7 yrs old in January. She can be introduced to other dogs, but she doesn't care much for the yappy, in your face kind of dogs. Another older, laid back dog like her she would probably be most comfortable with, and probably an older male. She is spayed, needs shots but I have not car to take her to the vet right now.

    Missy: Missy is a Black Lab, on the smaller side, and she is a bit hyper. She was a rescue and I placed her with my cousin but my cousin got two GSD's, and they beat poor Missy up terribly, so she gave Missy back to me. Missy is spayed, but needs her shots. Missy is a little over 6 yrs old but has soooooooooo much life left in her. She is super friendly, almost to a fault, and loves people. She absolutely ADORES kids. She doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body. She drives Maddie insane with her energy, and they will NOT be able to go to the same home unless they can be kept separate. Maddie has been an old lady since she was a puppy whereas Missy is eternally youthful. She's a good girl.

    Nikki (Snickerdoodle): A pure breed Pomeranian. She is the Alpha dog. She doesn't like men, and after having her here for a little over a year, she still doesn't like my mom. My mom is loud and aggressive, and I think that's what Nikki doesn't like. But she likes my kids. My kids are older, so I think she would be ok with older, calmer children. I think she would do best as the only dog in the house. She is not spayed. She was a rescue. I took her in when her owner was up to 9 dogs and was told to rehome all but 3. Rather than see her go to a shelter, I helped out. We're a house with only women, so she fit in well here, but we're having a crisis right now and she can't stay. She HAS to go. She also needs her shots. She just turned 6.

    All of them are free to a good home. Please, if you think you can give them a good home, let me know. All 3 have already been dewormed (we do it regularly throughout the year because out here in the country, animals get roundworms REALLY easy, so we deworm all our cats and dogs), and will be flea dipped as a preventative before they go to their new homes. Maddie will receive a haircut too since she gets matted easily without a regular brushing, and it's easier for us to trim her down than it is to sit and brush her out. She feels better when she's trimmed down too. If you think you can give one of them a home, or you know someone that could, please let me know immediately. Otherwise I will have no choice but to take them to a shelter, which is NOT what I want to do. Older dogs around here get put down instead of finding homes. Especially special needs ones or ones with personality issues. All 3 are house trained.

    I am located in West Central Indiana, right on the Illinois border, 40 miles from Lafayette, 2.5 hours South of Chicago, 1.5 hours North of Indianapolis.

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