Family emergency, please read entire post, chicken coops & birds!!!

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, my family must move, and soon, and we can't bring most of our animals with us, including the chickens, so I have to sell all my beloved chickens and both of my coops. This has been a bad year, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. I need the money urgently, so if you're interested, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible!

    First coop- It's a portable warehouse, barn design, custom made for us this May. It is 12x16 with a lofted ceiling, but not a loft. It has 2 windows that open for cross ventilation also. It has double barn doors that swing open, black shingled roof, and it was sealed before it was delivered to us.

    I will include all the chickens that I keep in that barn, so if you were looking for some new, NICE birds, then this is the perfect situation for you.

    I have Bantams and standards, and you can view more of my birds at I haven't updated the website in a few months though, so there are no longer any Wyandottes, and the Black Australorp is gone too. We have Marans, EE's, Bantam Cochins, Silkies, and more.

    Second coop is a metal coop, 6'x10' at the door, and sloping back to 4'x10' at the back. Chickenwire front but could be reinforced with hardware cloth. No floor, so you could set it on a concrete base or install a wood floor. We've never had any problems with predators getting inside it. I use it as a 3 season coop, but you could use it all year if you properly winterize it. We couldn't because money got real tight. I can include the small flock of 4 birds that were already living in it if you want them. They are sweet birds, a Silver Cuckoo Marans roo, 2 Amber Sexlink hens, and an Ameracauna/Welsummer mixed hen.

    I would like to get $5,000 for the main coop and $450 for the smaller coop. Main coop will include whatever feed I have left, a 1 gallon feeder, a 5 gallon hanging nipple waterer, and two 3 hole nest boxes as well as the birds, about 60 birds total, give or take. Smaller coop comes with just the 4 birds. If you don't want them, I'll sell them separately. Girls lay nice.

    Smaller coop:

    Questions, please email me. Thanks.
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    Sep 15, 2010
    Lafayette, Indiana
    This is the hatcher-momma to our two EEs (Martha and Georgia) and I just wanted to say how loved these chickens are. Martha and Georgia have great personalities and I think that being handled and cuddled so much really helped. I hope these fine birds find a super family to love them!!! And Martha and Georgia didn't have any (and still don't) health issues. [​IMG] HEALTHY & HAPPY BIRDS!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (And of course I wouldn't mind having more of her awesome birds, but I can only have a few more... not this wonderfully large flock).
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    Aug 25, 2010
    Are any of your birds Show Quality or Breeding Quality? I LOVE cochins and might be interested in some. I also might be interested in your duccle, antwerp belgian and bantam Buff Orpingtons. Would you be willing to sell some of the chickens without the coop? And could you ship? Please pm me picture of your cochins.

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    Sep 15, 2010
    Lafayette, Indiana
    Come on, these are wonderful birds, great set-up!!! I'd like the two EEs and three Marans... but I can't have any roosters and these roosters are friendly, used to being handled by two girls. These are loved chickens, please help out! Let your friends know if they are in the area. Tab is pretty close to the Illinois border, not a bad drive from Lafayette... [​IMG]
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    Jun 18, 2009
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    I'd love the small coop and just the Millie D'Uccle hen, but I'm not sure when I could make it to Indiana.

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