family fun and bumble foot worries


Apr 20, 2013
Hello! I am the proud owner of a small flock of 4 chicks - got them at 1 week and they are now 5. They are so much fun! Ive found that they are a nice whole family project. My son helps care for them, my husband is building a coop and since we recently moved into my parent's house (they moved over to the in law apartment) I think that my Dad, who grew up on a farm, is enjoying watching us as we figure out how to take care of them. As for the coop - we are proud to report that thus far we have spent only $4! We have converted an old dog house using scrap wood and old paint. It may sound crappy but it really has turned out really nice!

Since I love to walk my dog my sons now refer to the time when we take the chicks out to a fenced pen in the yard as "walking the chickens." :)

The BYC site has been a great help and I'm glad to find it. I do have to admit that I now worry about having to perform bumble foot surgery or cutting open the crop of a chicken....hadn't really planned on novice vet care but I'll do my best to keep them healthy and hopefully avoid all that! I also learned that my golden sex link chicks that I bought at the local Agway are cross bred to produce high egg counts - but may as a result have a greater tendency toward problems. Oh my. They are sweet though...


8 Years
Jul 17, 2011
North Central Kansas
Greetings from Kansas, DunstableChicks, and
! Great to have you with us! Hopefully you won't have to perform that procedures but BYC will be here to lend advice if you need. Good luck to you and your chickens!

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