family Hen breathing heavy and coughing

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  1. I don't know what it is, I had a hen die from this before and I don't want to loose this one. This one is a memory of my first chicken! I'll do anything!

    She is weezing when she breaths and extends her neck, this happens every second, and has loss of balance. she not skinny but not fat. Any one help? Along with treatment if there is?
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  2. ShaylaFox

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    Jul 5, 2014
    Are her wattles swollen?
    What does her poop look like?
    Is she eating/drinking?
    When is the last time she laid an eggs? What was the shell like?
    Is there swelling around the face and eyes?
    Is there a foul oder?
    Are the joints swollen/ and or warm?
    Is there cheesy looking stuff draining our of her eyes?
    Is there any nasal dischargee?
    Is her windpipe bloody?
    Does she have lesions on the skin and mouth?
    Can she move her wings?
    Is she pale in color?
    Is she huddling?
    Is she droopy?
    Is her head darker than normal?
    Is this happening to other birds?
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