Family is awesome!!! (sorry about all the pics.)

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    Jun 7, 2007
    Williamsburg, VA
    I just had to post this. A few weeks ago I lost all but 2 of my chicks.

    Well with in the past week between my father-in-law and brother. My flock has grown to have 17. They say there might be more to come [​IMG]. My wonderful dh is giving up half his shed to make a hen house. Here are some pics of my new girls. Oh and I am getting two Roosters today. [​IMG] [​IMG] produces

    My father-in-law gave me these...

    She is the head hen so far.



    These are from my brother...







    Full house right now. They are getting their new house tonight...

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  2. BeckyLa

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    How wonderful! I am excited for you!!!

  3. Judymae

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    Apr 22, 2007
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    What are great family! Chicken and human!!! Love the pics. Don't think I could ever get tired of them.
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