Family member has crossed the line in the sand(humorously) you...

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    Jul 26, 2010
    Some time ago my friend told me the most incredibly funny story about when her teenage son was tirelessly teasing her about something - she would up rapping him sharply over the head with an antique wooden cigar box. No harm done, except to the little cigar box- which broke into 10 pieces. They both busted out laughing.

    I once held my mom's hand down in a bowl of warm macaroni salad - with predictable results. I have also, as an ADULT, chased her through the house with a fork, yelling, 'let's see if she's ripe!'

    Have you got any incredibly funny family stories about the day it all got a little - out of control?
  2. My mother inlaw at Thanksgiving or any other family gathering would get on her hands and knees under the table and bark like a dog begging for food. It's was more disturbing then funny lol. If you ignored her she would paw at your leg and yap like a dog till you gave her food. [​IMG]
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    Jan 13, 2011
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    My brother and I stuffed our youngest brother in a dog kennel and left him there for a few hours. [​IMG]
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    My x husbands family.....Harold (xdh's dad) reached for the last piece of fried chicken with his hands, which offended his sister who yelled "USE YOUR FORK" emphasizing the statement by throwing her fork at him. The fork stuck in the space right between his eyes, Had the scar to prove it. [​IMG]
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    Sep 7, 2011
    for forks sake [​IMG] -fork mishaps seem to be common here? [​IMG] ,will know what to use if anyone ever breaks in,knowing the cheap ones mum buys theyd probably snap without doing any damage though.
    use plastic forks,or better yet-do it like the neanderthals and use fingers.

    its difficult thinking of one that is postable [ie,not extreme rated stuff].

    the tamest woud be putting cling film on the toilet underneath the seat,made sure there were no creases so it wasnt obvious in the poor light-was a classic.
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    My Own Realm!!!

    to me that was hilarious![​IMG][​IMG]

    sorry [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] GENIUS!!
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    My cousin George once buried me standing up in the sand to my neck. We used to do a lot of ocean beach play; that day, he suggested a vertical burial. Okay, I'm game. (I was all of 7 years old and he was 13.). He told me to keep my arms at my sides, which I did.

    Ya can't dig yourself out with yer hands trapped at yer sides, didja know that?

    Then, for the coup de grace, he told me the tide was coming in, and high tide was a few feet further up the beach.... And which would cover my head before too long. Then he left.

    I didn't know he was lying.

    A passing beachcomber found me, just my tear-streaked little head sticking out of the sand, a good ten feet above high tide level, and dug me out.

    ...then there was the time he made me hold a starfish on my head....
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    As a 10 yr old girl trying to get rid of nosy little brothers so I could read my book ( they were in an apple tree throwing apples down on me ) [​IMG] talked them in to peeing on the electric fence to see who had the best aim. [​IMG] [​IMG] Yep they went running for the house squalling. I got to read my book in peace. [​IMG]
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    Aug 24, 2009
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    Oh these are good! [​IMG]

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