Family Reunion

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    Aug 31, 2011
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    'Twas a hot September Saturday at the livestock swap at the TSC in Dunnellon, Fl. I came with 16 chicks and had only 3 bantams left. I sat and sweated patiently as time ticked by and my fellow swappers began to pack up. It was now 1:30. I thought "what a great swap, I can live with taking 3 back home". As I slowly packed my gear "that voice" in my head told me to look up and I saw a lady walking across the lot toward me. She looked familiar but I dismissed it as she had probly been at other swaps. She bought my last 3 and made it a perfect swap. As I drove home it hit me. 2 months earlier she bought 3 of my bantams at my house, a self blue roo, splash hen, and a black hen. After the sale I ran the splash hens last eggs I had and what hatched she just bought! So she has Daddy Roo, Mama Hen, and now the kids! Just thought it was ironic how it all came together!

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