Farewell Turkey Dudes...

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by downeastthunderfarm, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Jul 24, 2011
    Today was turkey harvest day. Our first. We have been putting this off for a variety of reasons.

    Too rainy. Too cold (not exactly odd for November in Maine). Too busy.

    With Thanksgiving just four days away, we simply could not wait any longer. The fact is we liked the Turkey Dudes as we've come to call them (although I think they were hens!). They had personality. They talked to us – or to Paul anyway. Me they presented their backside. Maybe they know I’m the one with the roasting pan?

    I was tempted to keep them on. They had personality that our meat chickens lacked. As craggy as their appearance, they had pretty, gentle eyes. Then I thought about the winter feed bill...

    Our two 3½ month-old turkeys weighed in at a total of 30 pounds dressed (without giblets, neck, etc.). Paul did the math and they cost us about $1.33 a pound -- certainly more than the bargain turkey in the grocery freezer does. Local farmers are getting $2.50 a pound for locally raised farm fresh turkey.

    While we didn’t save pennies with this experiment, we can be proud that our turkeys were raised with respect. They were a fun part of our lives for a few months and we enjoyed them more than we ever expected. When raising our own food, we learn to not take it for granted.

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    Well done!! A friend of mine raised 2 turkeys this year that I went over and helped her butcher on Thursday. The other thing to remember about raising your own turkey, yes it costs a bit more than the water logged frozen thing you can buy at the store, but your own home raised turkeys will not only be MUCH more flavorful, but it will be better for you nutritionally, and you know the birds were raised, treated, and butchered humanely! [​IMG]
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    Jul 24, 2011
    I've never had farm fresh turkey, so I'll have to report back on Thanksgiving!
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    Quote:That's what it's all about. Amen!

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