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    Modern Aesthete: The Publication
    Call for Submissions

    Publication Needs Articles: write about your farm or garden.

    Ever wanted to write about what you know, about chickens, farms and gardens? Now is your chance.

    Modern Aesthete is a new arts company, focusing on producing written and visual art, and as a part of our launch we are beginning a print publication filled with articles, essays, and original art. Our idea is that the modern artist needs to be an artist connected to the world, and in touch with nature, animals, and life in general. Art is being lost because it is becoming more and more detached, and as a result it is becoming more artificial and commercial. Modern Aesthete is interested in art with soul, and art for all, not just art for artists.

    If you love animals, gardens, and daily life as much as we do and want to share your experience and knowledge through an article or essay, take this opportunity to submit your work for publication. We will consider all lengths, but would prefer a word count of 500-1500 words. As for style, anything from personal experience essays and photo essays to information articles. If you have something interesting to share or tell, we want to hear it. As of right now, we don’t know how many articles we’ll be including in our magazine (remember, we also include original poetry, prose, and visual arts), but all articles submitted will be considered for publication. Feel free to include photos with your submission, but they are not necessary (unless, of course, you’re submitting a photo essay).

    Authors will receive a small payment for each article or essay selected for publication. Payment runs around $10-25 for a single article; the amount depends on the article.

    If you would like to submit your work, or have any questions just mail or shoot me a private message. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a day or two of your submission; if you do not receive this conformation email, please contact me personally. Our system is new, and I would like to make sure we get all submissions, regardless of technological glitches. Also, you can subscribe to our publication along with your submission for $10, and help us make this magazine being printed in color a possibility.

    Potential Subjects (list by no means exhaustive): chickens in general, breeds, the hatching experience, chickens related to art, comparing equipment, horses, goats, horse racing, gardens, painting, irises, ocean, roses, poetry, book reviews. An ideal article will take a specific topic, explain it well and clearly, and show unique knowledge or insight of the topic. We are very open to almost any topic, so long it is well written, detailed, and intriguing.

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