Farm Animal or Pet ?


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Oct 7, 2008
I called my local zoning man today to find out if the coop I have half done would be ok. Alittle late to be calling now DUHHH He called back with horrible news. Said no farm animals and that means chickens. I told the man then that I was only wanting a few.He told me then that not only is it zoned none agricultural He said the subdivision I live in has a strict no farm animal rule. Said if my neighbors have issues with this they could go as far as to sue me over the chickens. So my question now is How loud are chickens ???Also Could I play the pet card.


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Aug 25, 2008
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Hens are not loud at all, except when they are laying. I am not sure about the pet thing, though. If you really want to get down to it, cats, dogs, etc., are on farms too. WTH!

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How close are your neighbors? and yes, hens can be loud, sometimes, mainly when laying (sounds like a hen fight or something)

My question to you it worth the chance you would be taking? I think it is sad that one cannot keep an animal in their yard just because of the type of animal it is. Now I can understand some little lady wouldn't want a reging bull in a fence next to her clothes line. Funny pic in my mind.

But, consider it carefully if you are in a non-agricultural area. And be weary of the neighbors that say "oh, go ahead, I want say anyhting as long as I get eggs".

Be careful.


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May 24, 2007
Well, you can always go the route of calling them Asian Ground Parrots!

There are people here who have their chickens, against their local laws, subversively. Some of them talked with their neighbors first and got the Ok from them personally (offering a dozen eggs now and then is always a great idea) and some just got the chickens without asking anyone and are hoping that no one ever complains.

If you do get them and get caught you could end up with big fines and certainly you'd have to get rid of the chickens. Hopefully you'd be given one warning that gives you time to rehome them without being fined.

Only you can decide how you want to proceed.

Hopefully if there is anyone here who's gotten around the 'farm animal' issue with their own local ordinances they will see this and chime in to give you ideas and help.

Best of luck for you. We are certainly rooting for you!!!


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Jun 15, 2008
Chickens are classified livestock. Just like horses are livestock despite the fact nearly everyone keeps them as pets and hardly anyone makes a profit on them. The saying goes "Equus, keepus, brokus" Equus meaning horse, donkey, mule, etc... Such designations are under argument though. Several groups have tried to get horses reclassified as pets but it causes too many issues with current laws.


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Oct 7, 2008
Hummm Maybe I can bribe them with eggs. I live very close in a subdivision.But I do not live in city limits the crazy thing is if i did live in city limits the law is 2 chickens they must be caged and if the cage if 150 feet from the property lines you can have as many as you want and it goes on and on . It is worth it to me to be honest . It is principle .. If they are not loud I would not see the trouble i could even hide them .But the coop up next to the back of the house. The one lady next to us is great she wont mind the other lady gets mad if my dog gets out and poos to close to her property.

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