Farm Innovator 4200 won't stabilize temperature


In the Brooder
May 10, 2015
I have had a FI4200 going since yesterday evening, and the temperature/RH just will not stabilize. I have 2 different thermo/hygros in there, and they're not reading the same either. What can I do?? I also thought the humidity was extremely high, so I removed the majority of the water, and nothing has changed. Someone please help! Do I just need a new thermo/hygro??
I let mine run 24 hours with out opening. I add small amount of water through plug holes. I never go by the temp or humidity reader on unit. It is never right. I put my readers under each window and monitor from window. After 24 hrs I will slightly move knob to adjust temp if needed. But really I feel 24 hrs with out opening lid is key. Good Luck :)
I forgot to update! After some tedious knob moving, I FINALLY got it ranging between 99.1-99.7, which is a whole lot better than what was happening this morning! I already set my 5 little eggs too

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